About MediVogue

Founded in 2006, MediVogue is a Canadian supplier of specialty medical drainage products for both the hospital and home setting.

We work closely with our manufacturing partners to bring to Canada high quality products at a fair price. Our products are used to improve the quality of life for patients that often are near the end of their life. We never forget that there is a patient at the end of our product and the importance of the clinicians who use our products to facilitate their work and improve the quality of patient care.

Keir Surgical is the master distributor for MediVogue products in Canada. For all product support and purchase inquiries, please contact Keir Surgical directly.

Keir Surgical Contact Information:
Tel: (604) 261-9596
Toll Free: 800.663.4525
Fax: 604.261.9549
Web: keirsurgical.com