Vacuum Drainage Bottles


  • Available in graduated transparent plastic container capacity 600m or 1000ml
  • Available for Luer Lock and PleurX® catheters*
  • Provides -90Kpa units of pressure
  • Anti-kink drain line 120cm length with attached roller clamp
  • Additional sliding clamp to stop flow
  • Medical Grade PVC
  • Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic, Latex-free
  • Sterile Packaged, Box/10
SKUVolumeCompatible with
BS-1000-011000 mlLuer Lock style catheters
BS-1000-01P1000 mlPleurX® catheters*
BS-600-01600 mlLuer Lock style catheters
BS-600-01P600 mlPleurX® catheters*

*PleurX® is a trademark of CareFusion 2200, Inc

Vacuum Drainage Bottle Instructional Videos

*PleurX® is a trademark of CareFusion 2200, Inc

Instructions For Use

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